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Meet The Owner

I can remember my body being sore, being exhausted and emotional, and attempting to care for the very new baby we brought into the world. We were lost, trying to figure out life now, caring for the most innocent baby that completely changed life as we knew it. We received advice that was great, and advice that was outdated and dangerous, and didn’t know where to turn at times. This leads to a working knowledge of the education and reassurance needed in those first few days, weeks and months following the birth of a new baby. 

Knowing the anxiety that comes with attempting to allow someone else to care for your new baby, and trust them enough to actually rest is overwhelming. Also knowing that the last person you truly trusted was the nurses who helped bring that little one into the world, led to the start of Newborn Care at home with traveling heart healthcare. Night Nurse Newborn Care brings nurses who have experience with newborns and mothers, and bring that out of the hospital and to the home for an extension of trusted care at discharge. 

I am a Registered Nurse who has specialized in Mother Baby for the last seven years working high risk pregnancies, deliveries, and postpartum care. I have experience working in the NICU and stabilizing premature infants in critical access hospitals.My compassion for the mother baby bond, and all aspects of pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum have truly led to newborn care at home. I have two young children of my own and know every pregnancy is different, every baby is different; from their feeding journey to how they sleep; because of this, and because of the working knowledge I have gained in my own experience as well as what I experience every day in the hospitals, I wanted to again bring qualified nurses home. 

Our Teams Achievements


Cared for Newborns


Hours in 2022

Amanda has over 2400 hours in 2022 alone caring for Mothers and Babies in the hospital


Cared For Medically Fragile Infants

  • We are registered nurses with a passion for learning and pursuing education for a continuation of evidence based practices.
  • Advocates and bringer of changes to better the outcomes of glucose issues in infants