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    24-hour newborn care is a comprehensive service that provides round-the-clock care and support for newborns and their families. With this service, a professional caregiver, such as a nurse or baby specialist, is available to assist with all aspects of newborn care throughout the day and night.

    Here are some key features of 24-hour newborn care:

    • Constant Care and Monitoring: With 24-hour newborn care, a caregiver is present at all times to provide continuous monitoring and care for your baby. They will ensure that your baby's needs are met promptly, including feeding, diapering, and soothing.
    • Feeding Support: The caregiver will assist with feeding, whether it's breastfeeding, bottle-feeding, or a combination of both. They can help with proper latching techniques, feeding schedules, and addressing any feeding challenges that may arise.
    • Diapering and Hygiene: The caregiver will handle all diaper changes, ensuring your baby stays clean and comfortable. They will also assist with bathing, skincare, and maintaining proper hygiene practices.
    • Sleep Routine and Soothing: Establishing a healthy sleep routine is important for newborns. The caregiver can help create a sleep-friendly environment, implement soothing techniques, and guide the development of good sleep habits for your baby.
    • Developmental Stimulation: A caregiver knowledgeable in newborn development can engage your baby in age-appropriate activities and provide stimulation to support their growth and learning. This can include tummy time, sensory play, and gentle exercises.
    • Support for Parents: Newborn care providers offer support to parents during this transitional phase. They can answer questions, provide guidance on newborn care techniques, offer emotional support, and help ease the adjustment to parenthood.

    Depending on your specific needs, 24-hour newborn care services can be tailored to accommodate various schedules and routines. This level of care provides parents with much-needed rest and peace of mind, knowing that their baby is in capable hands at all times.

    When considering 24-hour newborn care, it's essential to research reputable and experienced providers who prioritize the safety, well-being, and development of your baby. This ensures that you receive high-quality support and comprehensive care for your newborn throughout the day and night.

    24-hour Newborn Care

    $ 650 - 1000 Per Day
    • 24-hour newborn care involves round-the-clock care and support for the newborn and may include various tasks such as feeding, diaper changes, soothing, monitoring, and ensuring the baby's overall well-being. It also allows parents to have continuous assistance and rest while adjusting to parenthood.
    • It's essential to discuss the specific pricing details and services provided with the care provider or agency to ensure clarity and agreement on the terms of care. The fee for 24-hour newborn care reflects the comprehensive support provided by the caregiver and the extended hours of care needed.