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    Breastfeeding consultation is a service provided by breastfeeding specialists to support and assist mothers with breastfeeding their infants. These consultations are designed to address various aspects of breastfeeding, provide guidance, and help mothers overcome any challenges they may encounter.

    Here are some key aspects of breastfeeding consultation:

    • Assessing and Supporting Latch and Positioning: A breastfeeding specialist will assess how your baby latches onto the breast and the positioning of your baby during breastfeeding. They can provide guidance on achieving the proper latch and positioning to ensure effective milk transfer and prevent nipple discomfort or injury.
    • Addressing Concerns and Challenges: Breastfeeding consultations offer a safe space for mothers to share any concerns or challenges they may be experiencing with breastfeeding. This can include issues like low milk supply, engorgement, nipple soreness, or difficulties with milk flow. The consultant can offer solutions and strategies to address these challenges and optimize breastfeeding outcomes.
    • Providing Education and Information: Breastfeeding consultations are valuable for providing education about breastfeeding techniques, understanding infant hunger cues, and recognizing signs of a well-fed baby. Consultants can share evidence-based information on breastfeeding benefits, proper nutrition during breastfeeding, and different breastfeeding positions to encourage successful breastfeeding.
    • Offering Pumping and Storing Breast Milk Support: If mothers are interested in pumping and storing breast milk, consultants can offer guidance on selecting a breast pump, using it effectively, and storing milk safely. They can explain the process and provide tips to maximize milk production and maintain a supply when separated from the baby.
    • Support for Special Circumstances: Breastfeeding consultations are especially beneficial for mothers with unique circumstances, such as premature babies, twins, or medical conditions that may impact breastfeeding. The consultant can tailor their advice and support based on your specific needs and provide strategies to help you navigate these situations successfully.
    • Follow-up and Ongoing Support: Breastfeeding consultations often include the opportunity for follow-up support to ensure that progress is being made and that any new concerns or challenges can be addressed. Support may be provided through in-person consultations, phone calls, or video conferencing, depending on your preferences and the consultant's services.

    When seeking a breastfeeding consultation, it's important to choose a breastfeeding specialist who has the necessary training and experience. They can offer evidence-based advice, assess your unique situation, and provide personalized support to help you establish and maintain a successful breastfeeding journey. Remember that breastfeeding is a learned skill and may take time and practice. Consulting with an expert can be invaluable in ensuring a positive and fulfilling breastfeeding experience for both you and your baby.

    Breastfeeding Consultation

    Available in person and via video call
    $ 125 Per Hour